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Michaelmas reflection


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Michaelmas reflection

Rev. Ann Burfeind

The universe is filled with facts that are, at the same time, mysteries. The distance from the sun to the earth is about 93,000,000 miles. That is precisely the right distance for life to appear, develop, and thrive on earth. If the earth were just a little closer or a little farther away, there would be no life on earth. Christ, as Spirit-Sun, has come into our humanity, bringing a great capacity for us to develop—to discern and create the right distances in our relationships with one another and with ourselves. There are time to come quite near. There are times to step back and create more space between. It is a living, moving question and quest. But, in all situations, in all relationships, there is now the possibility of discovering and creating the right distances where freedom can breathe and love can stream between us. What a science! What an art! What a sacred-calling: to work out of ourselves and with one another creating the living, breathing, healing, health-bringing right distances and nearnesses in our relationships. What a Michaelic Possibility and Challenge!

Richard Dancey