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Rain to Snow

Rev. Ann Burfeind

Dear Community,
At this time of year we can experience the change from the noise and uniformity of the raindrop to the peace and individuality of the snowflake. The rain can be heard pounding on the windows until the snow takes over, floating softly to the earth and covering with the blanket of white, individually-formed flakes. 
There is a tendency to generalize our life experiences, to group them into bad or good, painful or happy. When we look closer we can begin to examine them with their subtleties. We can begin to see in those that we meet that they also are distinct individuals. We can begin to see their individual destiny and feel a presence working in them. Understanding can take the place of annoyance. A love for the other can grow as we begin to see our individuality. As we see ourselves and the other a peace can grow.
We are sensing the Christ in the other. The peace that is given to us comes not as a destination or an end point to be reached, but in relationship. In seeing the other and the Christ working in them, in us.
Ann Burfeind