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Sustaining the becoming

Rev. Ann Burfeind

Dear Community,
The seed holds within itself the essence of the plant, the true form of the plant until it can be reunited though warmth and water with its true, whole self - it hopes for it!
In hoping, we hold within our souls the true picture of what is not yet come to realization. We sustain and keep this picture alive within ourselves. The hope in our heart sustains the becoming.
When all passes away, this hoping, this strength, this creative power that we hold with in our hearts will be the foundation of the new.

When we hold the good in our hearts it is easier to recognize it at work in the world and easier for the good to come into the world. Hope draws the good out.

When the world sounds out it waits to hear who answers the call. Who has kept hope alive?
The wonder of hope is that we can hold onto hope for someone else and someone else can hold onto my hope. We are together in our Becoming.
Ann Burfeind