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The paradise play


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The paradise play

Rev. Ann Burfeind

Dear Community,

The Paradise Play was presented to the community on Sunday evening by a group of dedicated and inspiring young people.  

The story of the creation of the human being and the fall into the "world of sin where trouble is often creeping in..." is interesting content for us all, but certainly to young people. The temptation part is quite well known, but living into the thought of forming a human out of dirt and then another one out of dirt and rib seems far fetched. How can we understand this story not in literal terms?

For most of them this was the second time they presented this play and have had a chance to live into the images, songs and lines. If you see one of them ask them what they think. They are interesting people. They are an important part of our community.

Coming up in January, Chicago is hosting the Winter Youth Conference of the Christian Community. The conference has a long history, but there has been a group going out to DC for the last three year. This year they are coming to us. January 15-18. I will keep you updated when we know how many of these dedicated and inspiring people are coming our way!
A group of young adults and teens form the Midwest are going to Germany in February to visit the congregations in Hamburg and Berlin and to teach religious instruction in the Waldorf school. We are then going to a youth conference that happens concurrently with the ordinations in Stuttgart which we will attend. 

We are keeping costs low, but financial help is needed with this trip. Please help if you can. Here is a link to a GOFUNDme campaign, but a check could also be sent to the congregation with Germany trip in the memo.

Thank you all.
Ann Burfeind