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The Act of Consecration of Man: A Communion Service

Sundays — 10.30 am
Thursdays — 9:00 am
(above services for adults only)

Religious instruction for children

Sundays — 9:30 am  (parents welcome)
The Sunday Service for the Children — 10:00 am

At 9:30am, children under the age of 14 (prior to their confirmation) gather with the priest to hear stories of reverence, oftentimes drawing from the Bible. Story time is followed by a service specifically for the children. The entire service lasts about 10 minutes and helps to provide a place for prayer and reflection appropriate for these ages. Children are then welcome to stay in the common rooms during the adult-only worship service.

The Act of Consecration of Man is the center­piece of sacramental life. In addition, there are six other sacraments that give renewal and direction to the natural course of our lives.


receives the child into the religious community, represented particularly by the godparents.


takes place at the age of fourteen to strengthen and support a young person’s path into life.


blesses the decision of a couple to share community of life, supported by two chosen witnesses.

The Last Anointing

along with the burial ritual, helps the dying to free themselves from the body and move into body-free spiritual life.

The Sacrament of Consultation

(by request and confidential) is religious counseling for one’s life destiny and supports individual efforts to take responsibility for life.

Sacrament of Ordination

The sacraments are performed by the priest through the power conferred by the Sacrament of Ordination. In The Christian Community both men and women can be­come priests. Visit the seminary website to learn more about this process.