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Summer Camp

Children's Camp 2019

August 16th - 29th

ages: 8-13

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Youth Camp 2019

June 18th - 23rd

Ages: high schoolers entering 9th-12th grade

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Pictures from last summer: Camp Greenwood Lake
children's camp (ages 8-13), Camp Nawakwa, Cornell, WI


Christian Community Summer Camps are a special experience for the campers and the youth counselors alike. Below is a moment from the end-of-camp sharing event.

Campers and staff sing "Coreolena"

Campers and staff sing "Voro Voro" 


This year we’re celebrating 22 years of fun and reverence in the outdoors! Camp Greenwood Lake (formerly the Midwest Christian Community Camp for Children) is a summer camp for children ages 8 - 13 based on the European model that has been in existence since the 1950s. While the flavor is distinctly American, we are proud to continue the original camps’ mission to provide children an escape from the buzz of everyday life, a retreat into nature and the natural rhythms of the day and night. Together we sing, tell stories, and create beautiful projects - swim, canoe, and build bonfires - joke, play, and celebrate with the Children’s Service on Sundays. Campers live with their counselors in groups of 5 to 10 children: they eat wholesome and delicious meals with their groups, go on hiking and canoeing adventures together, and create a family away from home that results in friendships that last for years to come.

COST: $925*

August 16th - 29th, 2019

Camp Greenwood Lake 2018
at Luther Park Camping and Retreat Center, Danbury, WI

ages 8-13 (rising 2nd-8th graders)


*This fee includes room and board and project materials.
There is a $100 discount for each additional sibling registered. No camper should be kept away for financial reasons.

Camp Leaders: Rev. Ann Burfeind, Rev. Emma Heirman, Joen Dealandé


Registration deadline:
June 1st, 2019


The school year is over - get your mind and your senses in order with some time in the woods. Together we will leave our screens behind to play, sing, explore, and share community around the table (and the dish pan). We will practice speaking our minds and sitting with our thoughts as we share stories, play games, and contemplate the shifting seasons and the summer solstice. 

This year we will camp in one place, spending our mornings concentrated on using recycled materials to build headdresses and large masks. Afternoons will be spent exploring Lake Winnebago and the surrounding woodlands. As always, we will cook, clean, and care for one another all together, and our evenings will center on storytelling around the fire.

COST: $850*

June 18th - 23rd

High Cliff State Park on Lake Winnebago, Sherlock, WI

ages 14-18 (rising 9th-12th graders)

*The fee will cover the costs of food, equipment, and staff. Please include payment with the registration. No one should stay away for financial reasons.

Camp Leader: Meg Zinky


Registration deadline:
June 1st, 2019

Thankful parent

"Not only do the children get to live outside for two weeks, but they are under the guidance of loving adults who provide home-cooked meals and encourage plenty of singing. My son had the best time!"  — S.D.